Mobile Action Plan

mobile-1Are you paying to secure mobile devices in your organization that are being used for little more than reading email?  Or, are your mobile devices being used to generate additional revenue and/or reduce costs?

If you’re tired of paying for a smaller screen to read email on and would like to turn more of the potential of mobile technology into actionable results, we can help!

Talkative Technology has the expertise and experience to work with you and develop a custom Mobile Action Plan (MAP) for your business.  More than just a strategy document that gets generated and relegated to a shelf (or electronic archive), our Mobile Action Plan is a set of actionable steps you can take to start seeing a return on investment for mobile and is developed in conjunction with you based on your specific business challenges.

Three things you can do to get started:

1) Download our white paper “Three Things You Can Do To Get More Out of Mobile” and get started today by reducing network costs for mobile app/OS updates, driving higher employee engagement with your existing IT services and making mobile an agent of change in your business.

2) Schedule a conversation with us to determine how a Mobile Action Plan can help you jump start (or restart) your mobile initiative and how it maps to your business needs.

3) Join our mailing list to be advised of new white papers, upcoming webinars and training classes and events in your area.

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